Carpe Diem Professional Team

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POH LING TAN, KB, PA. MEd (Guidance and Counseling), BSc (Physics) (Hons)
Registered & Licensed Counselor
Founder @ Managing Director, Principal Consultant of Carpe Diem Counseling & Consulting PLT

Poh Ling holds a Master of Education in Guidance & Counseling, majoring in Community Mental  Health from University Putra Malaysia and a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in the field of Physics and Management Studies from University of Science,Malaysia.

Poh Ling is a registered and licensed counselor in Malaysia. She has more than 15 years of experience in helping profession. She has been working in various settings, ranging from hospital, consulting to corporate settings in Kuala Lumpur and Penang. She is experienced in employees’ work life coaching, crisis management, leadership training and development, talent acquisition. She has on-job experiences dealing with normal to mildly psychiatric patients who suffer from Depression, Anxiety Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, stress, grieve and bereavement, pre-post-surgery and renal failure. Besides this, she has experiences in crisis intervention for rape victims, suicidal survivors, domestic violence victims and also employee’s sudden death at workplace. Poh Ling has been called upon to provide immediate psychological aid to people affected by traumas like industrial accidents and tanker piracy. In 2008, she supported the impacted family members of the hijacked crew. Her wide knowledge in the fields of guidance and counseling allowed her to share her corporate experience in Maritime Piracy: A Humanitarian Response Consultation in Hong Kong.

Poh Ling had obtained specialized training in below area:

  • The Spirit and Practice of Narrative Therapy (Prof. Huang Su Fei, Taiwan)
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) (Chen Shu-Qin, Taiwan)
  • Narrative Therapy for Working with Grief and Loss (Jill Freedman, USA)
  • Trauma-Focused Therapy (Doris D’Hooghe, Belgium) 
  • Lifelong Learning and Career Development (Prof. Dr. Wu Ming Lieh, Taiwan)
  • Self-Awareness Supervision Model (Prof. Chen Chin Yen, Taiwan)
  • Narrative Therapy for Grief and Loss (Dr. Lin Hsiang Chun, Taiwan)
  • Narrative Approach in Career Counseling (Assoc. Prof. Huang Su Fei, Taiwan)
  • Marriage & Family Therapy (Dr. Fred Toke, Singapore)
  • Revisiting Roots: Family-of-Origin (Prof. Dr. Agnes Wu, Taiwan)
  • Solutions-Focused Brief Therapy (Dr. Ng Kok Mun, USA)
  • The Psychology & Neurology of Childhood Disorders & Treatments (Dr. Thana Singarajah, USA)
  • Health & Wellness Coaching (Margaret Moore, Wellcoaches USA)

In the past, Poh Ling had delivered people management services such as leadership development and assessment, talent development via strength-focused approach, psychological counseling, career coaching, crisis intervention to various companies. She had conducted and co-conducted numerous people management training and team building program to corporate customers like HSBC, First Solar, Intel, BASF, Resort World Genting, Eaton, Ericsson, Plexus, Celestica, Air Products, Osram, Penfibre, Tokyo Marine, Penang Green Council etc. across different countries like China, Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

With her integrated working experiences in the consulting, corporate sector and mental health industry, Poh Ling has strong belief in preventive people management strategy for organizations and also the spirit of continuous learning.

Poh Ling founded Carpe Diem Counseling & Consulting PLT in 2018 in Penang with the hope to help people who are going through their life challenges. She is currently providing counseling psychology services to individual/family/corporate clients, conducting short talks/self-development workshop for schools/public/NGOs, supervising trainee counselors in NGO and also a corporate trainer.


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BOON FONG CHONG, MEd (Guidance and Counseling)
Graduate Diploma in Satir Model Systemic Brief Therapy (Satir Institute of the Pacific, Canada)
Founder @ Director, Principal Consultant of Carpe Diem Counseling & Consulting PLT

Boon Fong holds a Master of Education in Guidance & Counseling from National Chi Nan University, Taiwan. She pursued Graduate Diploma in Satir Model Systemic Brief Therapy and she has extensive experiences in providing family counseling to adults and adolescents.

With more than 20 years of counseling experience, Boon Fong first started her counseling work in a NGO in Kuala Lumpur, she then realized that her passion is in helping profession, hence she decided to move to Taiwan together with her family to pursue her master degree in Taiwan.

Boon Fong has involved herself actively as counseling supervisor. Besides this, she is the director of a career counseling institution in Malaysia. She is an expert in the field of relationships, Boon Fong quickly identifies the triggers and dynamics between two people that have led to the breakdown in their relationship. She also experienced in handling mental health cases ranging from emotional management to mild mental disorder.

Boon Fong believe that the essence of counseling is the establishment of a therapeutic relationship in which the client experience being heard and understood with sensitivity, hence been ‘connected’ with the therapist. Her counseling approach comprises of Carl Rogers and Virginia Satirs’ person-centre principles. She has completed her professional training in psychodrama, arts therapy, solution-focused brief therapy, narrative therapy etc.

In the past, Boon Fong has conducted various self-development workshop for adults from all walks of life. Due to her passion in helping people, she decided to set-up Carpe Diem in 2018 in Penang with the hope that she can contribute to the organizations and at the same time, helping individuals who go through life challenges. She strongly believes in partnering with her corporate customers in order to help them to increase their organizations’ effectiveness. Customers’ success is Carpe Diem’s success. As the director, Boon Fong strives to partnering with local professionals in psychotherapy and counseling and maintaining close networks with them.


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WOOI CHIN LIM, KB, PA. M (Counseling), MBS (Supply Chain), BBA.
Registered & Licensed Counselor
Affiliate Consultant, Carpe Diem Counseling & Consulting PLT

Wooi Chin holds a Bachelor’s Degree and MBA (majoring in Supply Chain Management) and has more than 10 years working experience in the semiconductor manufacturing industry. He also has experience lecturing in local institutes in the field of Logistic Management.
Wooi Chin has experience working in Multinational Consulting company as a consultant since 2011. As consultant, Wooi Chin focuses on employee development coaching  projects, managerial training, Work Life Coaching, Wellness Coaching, Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) and Outplacement Consulting Services (OCS). Wooi Chin is   currently working as student’s counselor in one of the Penang private college.

Since obtaining his Masters in Counseling from University of Science Malaysia, Wooi Chin has been involved in providing individual and group counseling services to youths, adults and families through a local NGO over the past 13 years. Besides counseling, he also has experience conducting public awareness talks and training for para-counselors. Wooi Chin also holds an Advanced Diploma in Satir Family Therapy.

With his integrated working experiences in the corporate sector and education institution, Wooi Chin has strong belief in preventive people management strategy for both organizations and individuals. His passion always lies in helping profession which lead him living a meaningful life.


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SIEW HONG KOE, KB, PA. MSc (Guidance and Counseling), Bachelor of Counseling (Hons)
Registered & Licensed Counselor
Affiliate Consultant, Carpe Diem Counseling & Consulting PLT

Siew Hong is a very experience registered counselor who has been in the career of servicing the needy people for nearly 18 years, since her first enrolment in the counseling field in year 1998. She has graduated from University of Malaya with Honours in Bachelor of Counseling and continued to pursue her Master of Science in Guidance & Counseling, majoring in Couple and Family therapy from University Putra Malaysia. Upon graduation, she continued to enroll herself in Satir Family Therapy Approached learning, including the Certificate, Diploma and Train-The-Trainer using Satir Growth Model Workshop programs. With these, she gained her extensive experiences in providing family counseling to adults.

Siew Hong has vast practical exposure and experience in this field, which she started her initial counseling works and exposure in a rehabilitation center, and then worked in a primary school. After that, she has spent many years in a NGO in Kuala Lumpur, and she is now the lead supervisor of a counseling NGO in Penang.

Apart from being a psychology counselor, Siew Hong is also involved in supervisors’ training. She has many years of experience in supervising the trainee counselors, including taking part in imparting knowledge and skills as a clinical supervisor and field supervisor for counseling students pursuing the master’s degree during their internships.

Siew Hong has also conducted various self-development workshops, counseling volunteer training program, deliver talks for adults, university students and teenagers in regards of emotional management, communication skills, intra and interpersonal etc. Besides being an expert in the field of couple relationship, Siew Hong is also practicing meditation and she has been a meditator for almost 20 years. Imparting the mental practice into her counseling work, she has helped people in stress management, emotional management to mild mental disorder.

Siew Hong never stops to improve herself, she always upskilling herself by by attending advanced classes and workshops to enrich her counseling skills. She is now broadening her skills and passions in art therapy and has been awarded the certificate in Expressive Arts Therapy.

Siew Hong believes that each individual has his or her very own uniqueness and the internal resources to move beyond his or her basic coping level. Her counseling approach comprises of Carl Rogers and Virginia Satir’s humanistic principles. She has, but not least, attended her professional training in psychodrama, grief and loss therapy, narrative therapy etc.

Siew Hong has great passion in the field of understanding and connecting with one’s life. This inner strength has led to her decision of joining Carpe Diem in 2018 as Affiliate Consultant, with the hope that she reaches out further toaccompany more individuals and couples to go through their life challenges, with the core belief: there are always HOPES no matter what the difficulties are!


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SURI NURTHARWA BT. TUAN KAMAUZAMAN, MEHSc (Clinical and Counseling Psychology), B. HSc. (Psyc)
Clinical Psychologist
Affiliate Consultant, Carpe Diem Counseling & Consulting PLT

Suri holds a Master of Human Science in Clinical & Counseling Psychology and also a Bachelor of Human Science in Psychology from International Islamic University Malaysia. She received her internship training in Department of Psychiatry, Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia.

During her master studies, Suri was also an active member in carrying out psycho-social research such as Child Abuse in Malaysia and Asia. She was a research assistant to the University’s professor and also a staff writer of the Alumni Magazine. She was the program director for several mental health seminars conducted under the Psychology Department of International Islamic University Malaysia.

She specializes in Clinical and Counselling Psychology. She has on-job experiences in providing clinical assessments, dealing with mental health in-patient and out-patients patients for groups and individuals therapy, who suffered from both neurosis and mildly psychosis cases, including depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, anxiety, agoraphobia and panic attack. She also seeing child cases, including mental retardation, learning disability, autism, and Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Suri used to provide training to the health care and medical staffs in government hospitals. She was the trainer for Psychological First Aids (PFA) and Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) Training for The Penang Ministry of Health. She has experience in handling and coordinating PFA crisis intervention for government hospitals and private companies.

Suri has extensive experience in handling family and marital cases, grieve and bereavement, Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM), e.g.: rape case, hijack crisis support group for MISC (2008). She has more than 12 years of clinical experience working in hospital and consulting setting.

In 2020, Suri involved in the Covid-19 Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) team under the Department of Psychiatry and Mental Health, Bukit Mertajam.  She has provided trainings and support to all Covid-19 Medical Response Team in Bukit Mertajam Hospital.

Suri is a visiting Clinical Psychologist in the Department of Psychiatric and Mental Health, Bukit Mertajam Hospital. She founded InPsych Consultancy which providing clinical psychology interventions, assessment, counselling and training services for general public, governmental and private agencies. She joined Carpe Diem Counseling and Consulting PLT as Affiliate Consultant in 2020.


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HANANI BINTI ABD MOIN, KB, PA. M (Counseling), Bachelor of Psychology (Hons)
Registered & Licensed Counselor
Consultant, Carpe Diem Counseling & Consulting PLT

Hanani holds a Master in Counseling majoring in Loss and Grief Counseling from University of Science Malaysia (USM), and a Bachelor of Psychology from International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). After completed her first degree, she worked as Administrative Assistant. However, she found out that she easily gets bored with the routine works. So, she decided to further her Master in Counseling since it was her dream to become a great counselor.

During her Master’s internship at juvenile delinquents rehabilitation institution, Hanani had gained valuable knowledge on how to conduct counselling with drug abusers and practice her understanding of adolescent psychology. Besides, she has organized many programmes for the residents such as career exploration workshops. She is also experienced in facilitating community outreach events with flood victims and self-exploration camp for the teenagers organized by Malaysia Social Welfare Department. Along her master’s journey she had involved in various programmes with young adults such as career exploration, self-esteem, stress, bullying, relationship problem, and substance abuse. 

As a Consultant in Carpe Diem, Hanani has counseling experiences in seeing adult clients who have work stress, anxiety, depression, interpersonal relationships problem, grief and loss, communication, family conflicts, personal development, marital and career growth issues. Her counseling approach comprises of Person-Centered Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Reality Therapy. Besides, she had delivered mental-health related talks to corporate employees and public. She also volunteered herself in Talian Kasih COVID-19 Hotline during the pandemic.

Hanani is very passionate in this helping profession as she found satisfaction in seeing the client’s change and growth towards life balance. Hanani is fluent in speaking Malay and English.


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MUHAMMAD RIDZUAN BIN ROSLI, KB, PA.   M (Counseling), Bachelor of Syariah (Hons)
Registered & Licensed Counselor
Affiliate Consultant, Carpe Diem Counseling & Consulting PLT

Ridzuan Rosli is a Registered and Licensed Counsellor under the Board of Counsellors of Malaysia. He was born in Penang. He obtained his Bachelor of Syariah from Sultan Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah International Islamic University (UNISHAMS) in 2015 and Master’s in Counselling from the same university in 2019. During his postgraduate studies, he had attended classes from distinguished counselling experts such as Prof. Dato’ Dr. Abdul Halim Bin Othman, Prof. Dato’ Dr. Amir Bin Awang, and Prof. Dr. Md. Shuib Bin Che Din. He completed his internship programme at Sekolah Tunas Bakti Teluk Air Tawar, Butterworth under the Social Welfare Department (JKM). He also collaborated with the National Anti-Drugs Agency (AADK), Alor Setar Psychiatric Ward, and local NGOs during his postgraduate journey.

Ridzuan has deep interest in existentialism. Through his exploration journey in existentialism, he was inspired by a few of existentialists such as Soren Kierkegaard, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Jean-Paul Sarte, Rollo May and Irvin Yalom. A brief introduction by his professor on Viktor E. Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning had inspired him to propose a study of The Effectiveness of Existential Therapy in Diminishing the Level of Depression Amongst Youthful Offenders Sekolah Tunas Bakti Teluk Air Tawar (Keberkesanan Terapi Kewujudan Bagi Mengurangkan Tahap Kemurungan Dalam Kalangan Penghuni Sekolah Tunas Bakti Teluk Air Tawar). His other counseling approaches are Person-Centered, Adlerian, Gestalt, and Reality Therapy. He creatively integrates intervention based on his client’s needs. He is able to conduct counselling sessions in Bahasa Melayu and English.

Ridzuan has experience in facilitating wellness talks or group sessions which covers various mental health topics, and also conducting individual consultations to clients from multi-cultural backgrounds. Ridzuan believes that by helping others brings meaning to his life. He commits to provide a full range of mental health services to his clients which within his trained capacity.


Nana Profile Pic_2022NOR FARAHANA BINTI NOR RUSLAN KB, PA. M (Counseling), Bachelor of Industrial Psychology (Hons)
Registered & Licensed Counselor
Consultant, Carpe Diem Counseling & Consulting PLT

Farahana holds a Master in Counseling majoring in Loss and Grief Counseling from University of Science Malaysia (USM), and a Bachelor of Industrial Psychology minor in Management from University of Selangor (UNISEL). Farahana is a registered and licensed counselor. After graduating from her first degree, she worked in the line of customer service. From her past working experience, she handled various human behaviours which convinced her to further her studies in Master in Counseling. Farahana is also fluent in speaking Bahasa Melayu and English.

During Master in Counseling, Farahana underwent her internship at Asrama Akhlak Paya Terubong where she gained a lot of experience on juvenile cases. Such as drug abuse, racing, etc. She is experienced in conducting programmes. She joined the Counseling Workshop on Drug Intervention and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. She was also a presenter “From Research to Practice: Embracing the Diversity” 3rd ASEAN Conference on Psychology, Counseling and Humanities at University of Muhammadiyah Malang, Indonesia. She gained a lot of experience from this exposure and she gain satisfaction by helping people.


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SHOBHANAMBIGHA A/P SIVAGURU KB, PA. M (Counseling), Bachelor of Education (Hons)
Registered & Licensed Counselor
Affiliate Consultant, Carpe Diem Counseling & Consulting PLT

Shoby holds a Master in Counseling, majoring in Child and Adolescent from University of Science Malaysia (USM) and a Bachelor of Education, majoring in Language and Literature from Universiti Tun Abdul Razak (UNIRAZAK). Upon graduation, she started working as an Education Counselor for a year which motivated her to pursue her Master’s degree in the field of counseling.

Shoby is experienced in handling cases related to delinquent juveniles as a result of her internship at “Asrama Akhlak” during her Masters journey, which required her to provide counselling services to teenagers involved in drug abuse, theft and minor crimes. Her previous role as an Education Counselor was focused on guiding students into choosing their career path by carrying out assessments, counseling and conducting interview on students. She has involved herself in various programmes organized at USM and Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat. She is committed and motivated towards helping others. Her counseling approach comprises of Person-Centered, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Gestalt Therapy. She is fluent in speaking English, Malay and Tamil. Her passion in the helping profession lured her to join Carpe Diem Counseling and Consulting PLT as an Affiliate Consultant in the hope that she will be able to help those in need.


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KARTHIAEINI A/P MUNIANDY KB, PA. M (Counseling), Bachelor of Psychology (Hons)
Registered & Licensed Counselor
Consultant, Carpe Diem Counseling & Consulting PLT

Karthi holds a Master’s degree in Counseling, majoring in loss and grief counseling as well as crisis intervention from University of Science Malaysia (USM) and a Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) from Help University.  After graduated, she worked as an Education Consultant and volunteered as a Special Needs Educator. Karthi has experience in handling children with Autism, Dyslexia and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Karthi is a licensed and registered counselor under Malaysian Board of Counselors. During her internship, she has dealt with clients with anger issues, stress management, poor self-esteem, depression, anxiety disorders and phobias. Her counseling approaches included Reality Therapy, Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Karthi also have experience in handling adolescents and children with delinquent behaviours and emotional issues.

Besides that, Karthi has conducted various programmes for children and adolescents and among them are bullying awareness and prevention program, stress management program and anger management program. She is fluent in Tamil, English and Malay language. Karthi is passionate in helping people who are struggling with their life issues, she hopes to enhance her clients’ skills and decision making ability so that they are capable of viewing their life from a different perspective.


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JON SERN EU, M (Counseling), Bachelor of Psychology (Hons)
Certified CEVEY Business Leadership Coach
Senior Consultant, Carpe Diem Counseling & Consulting PLT

Jon Sern has a Master in Counselling from Monash University as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Psychological science from University of South Australia. Jon Sern is a certified facilitator of the Positive Lifestyle Program developed by The Salvation Army. Additionally, he is also a certified CEVEY Business Leadership Coach under the CEVEYSYSTEM.

Having practiced counselling, life & leadership coaching in several different countries has allowed Jon Sern to gain a breadth of experience. Majority of his experience has been in the field of Crisis Management and psychoeducation.

Jon Sern’s first role as a mental health practitioner started as an intake worker cum counsellor at a community counselling service centre in Victoria, Australia, which was run by the Salvation Army. Having dealing with clients from various walks of life and especially individuals who were struggling with Alcohol & Other drug issues or going through legal proceedings.

After returning to Malaysia, Jon Sern joined Human Dynamic Asia Pacific as an EAP Consultant and Business Leadership Coach. Apart from providing individual consultation, he had conducted various psychoeducational talks and workshops for the corporate clients. Jon Sern is capable in dealing with crisis and was deployed numerous times across the greater Asia Pacific when his corporate client was facing with crisis, i.e. natural disaster and strategic rightsizing.

Jon Sern has a strong passion in psychology, mental health and education.  He is constantly looking to develop his counselling and coaching skills. His goal is to have a positive effect and instil hope to the corner of the world that he belongs to.


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SIM MING YEOH, KB, PA. M (Counseling), Bachelor of Psychology (Hons)
Registered & Licensed Counselor
Affiliate Consultant, Carpe Diem Counseling & Consulting PLT

Sim Ming holds a Master in Counseling, majoring in Grief and Loss from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Wawasan Open University (WOU), and a Diploma in Mechatronic Engineering from Sultan Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah Polytechnic (POLIMAS).

In her earlier career, Sim Ming worked in a manufacturing company where her job scope involved in automation and fabrication. After few years of working, she attended a training and volunteered herself as telephone para-counselor in a counseling NGO in Penang. With the passion in helping profession, she later continued her Bachelor Degree in Psychology and pursued her Master Degree in counseling.

During her practicum and internship training, Sim Ming had handled clients from various age groups, ranging from eight to eighty years old. Most of her clients came for counseling on life challenges faced in career and academic advancement, stress, anxiety, depression, interpersonal relationships, marital, parenting, grief and loss etc.

Besides providing counseling, Sim Ming also volunteers as facilitator in many para-counselors training in an NGO. She is also a certified facilitator for “Journey to Intimacy” programme designed by Dr Huang Wei-Jien who is a clinical psychologist and a lecturer in University of Northwestern in United States. Her counseling approach comprises of Person-Centered, Satir Model, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Gestalt Therapy. With her passion in the helping profession, she joins Carpe Diem Counseling and Consulting PLT as an Affiliate Consultant and hope that she will be able to help those in need.


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ALICE CAI YIN SEE, M ClinPsych, Bachelor of Psychology (Hons)
Affiliate Consultant, Carpe Diem Counseling & Consulting PLT

Alice holds a Master in Clinical Psychology from University of Cyberjaya (UoC), which was previously known as Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences (CUCMS) and a Bachelor in Science, Majoring in Psychology from Upper Iowa University.

Alice’s placement at Permata Kurnia, KL and Hospital Kuala Lumpur has given her the opportunity to work with children with neurodevelopment disorders, adults who experience emotional difficulties, such as depression and anxiety, and clients with different psychiatric conditions, such as borderline personality disorder, tics disorders, intellectual disability, epilepsy and others.

Alice is equipped with various intervention approaches, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), behavioural modification and skills training, such as stress management, anger management, Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR), relaxation technique and others. She is also experienced in administering psychological assessments, such as general mental health assessment, personality assessment, cognitive assessment, neuropsychological assessment and adaptive behaviour functioning assessment.

Alice conducts assessment from biological, psychological and social perspectives, which is helpful to explore client’s current condition and effective ways to manage the difficulties. As a Clinical Psychologist, Alice hopes to help more individuals who are in need of her professional service.


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CORRIYN CHOY, KB, PA. Master of Counseling, BSc (Psychology)
Certified CEVEY Business Leadership Coach
Affiliate Consultant, Carpe Diem Counseling & Consulting PLT

Corriyn is a registered and licensed counselor, she holds a Masters in Counseling, specializing in Grief and Crisis from University Sains Malaysia, and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Upper Iowa University. Her early experience in the financial services & education industry helped her to gain valuable work experience as well as understanding of clients working in challenging and high-pressure environments.

As a consultant in her previous organization, Corriyn develops and deliver talks and trainings in the areas of Communication, Conflict Management, Woman Leadership, Personal Effectiveness, Parenting, Wellness and Stress Management. She has worked alongside a team of wellness professionals to plan and provide cooperate wellness programs on topics of building resilience, mindfulness, weight management, parenting and sleep.

Apart from her education in Counseling & Psychology, Corriyn has also completed her CEVEY Business Leadership Coaching certification, Certificate in Adlerian Therapy, Certificate in Marriage & Family Therapy and Psychological First Aid (PFA). Corriyn is passionate in helping her clients achieve greater self-awareness, building emotional, physical and social wellness to achieving better work life integration.


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NISHA KUMARAVEL, KB, PA. MA Counselling (Hons), MSc Sociology, BA Media & Environmental Studies (Hons)
Registered & Licensed Counselor
Consultant, Carpe Diem Counseling & Consulting PLT

Nisha was a curious child who was always trying to understand the world around her by asking many questions, causing annoyance to the adults around her. She continued this streak of curiosity as an adult, dabbling in different fields including journalism, sociology and communications before finally settling in the field of psychology, particularly counselling. She graduated with a Master’s Degree in Counselling (Hons) from Universiti Sains Malaysia, specialising in Crisis and Grief Counselling. Nisha also has a Master’s Degree in Sociology from the University of Bristol and a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Studies and Environmental Science (Hons) from University Malaya.

Nisha became a licensed counsellor in 2019 and has provided individual and group counselling services to clients facing trauma, stress, crisis, loss, suicidal ideation, anxiety and other issues. She has also advised NGOs and corporations on their communication and conflict resolution strategies. She volunteered as part of the Mentalogue COVID-19 Crisis Support team, as well as the 24-hour Talian Kasih COVID-19 support team – an initiative by the Malaysian Department of Social Welfare. Nisha was also a Research Assistant, and was involved in research on learning motivation, academic performance and study skills.

In terms of her own research, Nisha has studied social mobilisation, relationships and intimacy. Having been exposed to issues and intervention frameworks for developmental and situational crises, Nisha chose to focus on the study of existential crisis, believing most mental disorders, illnesses and neuroses are symptoms and extensions of unaddressed existential crises. Through her research, Nisha formed an existential Crisis Intervention (CI) framework, applying the Psychoanalytic Interpretation Technique and various other techniques of Psychodynamic Therapy. She hopes to further develop this framework and include other variables such as psychedelics and animal-assisted therapy, having 7 cats/unlicensed therapists at home, ready to take up the challenge. As a counsellor, Nisha applies various approaches based on the clients’ needs and presenting problem, while attempting to raise awareness of capitalist social, political and economic structures that affect mental health at the individual and systemic levels. Nisha is able to conduct sessions in English and Bahasa Malaysia.



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PHEI WEI LEE, KB, PA. M (Counselling Psychology), Bachelor of Psychology (Hons)
Registered & Licensed Counselor
Consultant, Carpe Diem Counseling & Consulting PLT

Phei Wei is a registered and licensed counsellor with the Malaysian Board of Counsellors. She holds a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology from Universiti Malaysia Sabah and a Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) from HELP University.

Phei Wei’s previous work experience in a bereavement setting has exposed her to work with clients facing grief stemming from loss and transitions in life. She also has experience working with college students and the general public across a varied age range throughout her practice.

Phei Wei has obtained specialised training in various approaches, such as Narrative Theory, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Choice Theory. She has also been through workshops which have provided her with insight to experiential therapeutic methods, such as OH Card, Mindfulness, and Expressive-Art workshops.

“Accept who you are and revel in it”, is a saying she lives by as she ventures through the journey of helping profession. Phei Wei believes that when we allow ourselves to be our individual and unique selves, foster meaningful relationships with others and ourselves, and embrace even our vulnerabilities, that is when we are able to adapt and grow from within.



ISABEL JOESHUA PARAMASIVAM, KB, PA. MA (Counselling), BSc Cognitive Science (Hons)
Registered & Licensed Counselor
Consultant, Carpe Diem Counseling & Consulting PLT

Isabel is a Registered & Licensed Counselor/Psychotherapist who has worked with children, teens, adults in a variety of situations. She has on-job experience working with anxiety, depression, self-esteem, life transitions, grief and loss, relationship concerns, and other life experiences. Isabel completed her Master’s Degree in Counselling, majoring in Crisis & Grief from University of Science Malaysia (USM) and a Bachelor in Cognitive Science from University Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS). Isabel’s therapeutic approach is to provide support and counselling to help clients effectively address personal life challenges. 

During her time at a rehabilitation centre in Penang, Isabel has had extensive experience working with gifted children, adults and their families. Planning and carrying out effective treatment programs with client dealing with issues such as with Autism, Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), learning disability and many more. Isabel is committed to reinforcing positive feelings and behaviours in clients, thus, helping client to lead healthier and more fulfilling lives.

Isabel believes that when working with individuals, emphasizing the importance of a more dynamic and holistic approach to mental health will produce a more beneficial outcome. Utilizing the family-systems based approach, modalities used in treatment include play therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), psychodynamic therapy, family therapy and mindfulness-based interventions while working with her clients. Isabel practices flexibility in her work, especially when it comes to providing clients and their families a safe and confidential space through the therapeutic process.

Isabel continually seeks to improve her skills as a mental health practitioner and keeps up with refreshing her knowledge on best practices in the field. She has a firm understanding of mental illnesses gained through her past work, volunteering (Talian Kasih COVID-19 Hotline, Shalom Careline) and personal experience. Isabel comes across as a caring and attentive person to those she meets and projects a genuine desire to help others. Isabel speaks fluent English, Bahasa Malaysia, Tamil and Mandarin (basic).