‘Carpe Diem’ is a Latin aphorism, usually translated as “Seize the Day”.

Carpe Diem Counseling & Consulting PLT (known as Carpe Diemwas founded by two enthusiastic counselors, Poh Ling and Boon Fong who have passion in helping profession. Their years of experience in different organisations have given them the valuable resources to impart practical knowledge in the area of counseling psychology and people management consultancy.

As we travel in our life’s journey, change is an inevitable part of living. As you are undergoing your life’s journey of change, you are not alone. We help you to connect with your life force so that you can make better choices.

At Carpe Diem,we believe a problem is not a problem, the coping is the problem. We strongly believe that everyone is the author of his/her life. You could foster healing as you have the internal resources needed for changes and growth you wanted to make.

As long as you are open to taking proactive steps to be free to be yourself, we are here to partner with you in your life’s journey of change. We will guide you through at your own pace, to take up suitable solutions along the way to make your life better, leaving our center feeling empowered, respected and more hopeful.

At Carpe Diem, we appreciate every contact with our clients who entrust us to accompany them in the journey of moving on a brighter path.

Therefore, waste no time and seize the day now!

Contact us to understand yourself better and lead a more fulfilling life!

Stress can motivate one to work hard and go the extra mile to improve, yet unmitigated stress can become a liability with negative impact to one’s mental and physical health. Our team has benefited through the professional counseling and consulting services provided by the Carpe Diem Counseling & Consulting PLT. Our team learnt to address stress efficiently, with gradual and steady improvement over time. Life may not be perfect, but able to improve and seek a better self is an important milestone to achieve. Call Ms Tan and her team if you need help in this, they are really good. 

Dr. Ang Ming Chee

General Manager
George Town World Heritage Incorporated

06 March 2023

George Town World Heritage Incorporated